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Frequently Asked Questions
If you have a question then there is a good chance that someone has already asked it. However, if you do not see your question below then feel free to use the Contact Us link to the left and ask directly.

What kind of files do you accept?
Your project can be designed using any software or program you choose however we can only accept them in the following output formats:
Artwork: jpeg(preferred), pdf, psd, ai, tiff
Audio: mp3, wma, wav, aiff

Do you have any templates for the artwork?
If you already have access to full-fledge graphic design software such as Photoshop, below you will find the templates designed specifically for our products. To download the templates, right click on each link, and choose "save target as..." You can then create your designs using the graphic software of your choice. Of course you can use any other templates that you may already have but this may increase turnaround time.

Disc template
Double sided Insert template
4 Page Booklet template
Tray Card template

What if I do not have Photoshop or a graphic designer?
If you do not have access to any graphic design software and would like something simple for your project (such as a couple of pictures and some text) then please click here to download some very easy to use software. Once you have finished your design you may save it and send it to us using the Upload Center.

How long is your turnaround time?
For 100 - 500 discs the usual turaround time varies from 2-7 business days depending upon what part of the country you are located in. For more than 500 discs the total turnaround time may be up to 14 business days however the discs are shipped in separate lots so you may receive most of them much sooner.

I have a gig tomorrow...can you help?
Under normal circumstances we can have 100 discs delivered to you next day provided all of your files are submitted and approved by 1pm PST. Of course there will be an expedited processing fee and you will be responsible for the overnight shipping charges but nonetheless you will find that we can do this at a price that none of our competitors can match.

Can you send me physical samples of your work?
We get dozens of requests for samples every week and we are able to keep our prices low by only sending out physical samples to those who have their artwork already completed. Otherwise we would be sending out samples to individuals who are still several months from getting their job done and by time they get around to it they no longer have our contact information (or the sample for that matter). By only sending you a sample of your disc it gives you a better representation of what exactly you will be getting for your money and it also helps us save on extensive postage fees.

Feel free to check out our electronic sample gallery by clicking here. But remember...all of the images you see are scans of physical product so they are not 100% reflective of quality.

Can I mail my files in?
If you are just plain old fashioned or if there are any special requirements for your disc (i.e. enhanced video, special timecoding, etc...) then you may send a copy of your master (and any other files) to the following address:
3895 Perris Blvd,
Suite B-8 c/o Tone Zone
Perris, CA 92571

Can I drop-off/pickup my materials? If you are located in the Los Angeles metro area then you may pickup and/or drop-off your materials. However, we are in a heavily secured facility so please call at least one hour before you arrive to ensure that someone is available to meet you. Weekend and after-hour drop-offs/pick ups are available as well so call for details.

What type of discs do you use?
Since we duplicate discs (as opposed to replicate), the discs that we use are CD-Rs. However they are professional grade CD-Rs (Advanced Phthalocyanine) and are NOT sold in regular retail outlets such as Best Buy, Staples or Office Depot. Under normal wear and tear circumstances, the discs that we use are guaranteed to store your audio/data for more than 100 years.

What happens if I have a problem with my discs?
We duplicate thousands of discs per week and like any business from time to time there may be a problem. If there are any errors with your discs as a result of our mistake then just let us know and we will replace them absolutely free of charge.